Ripe For Harvesting

The story of BDR Vintage started just a few years ago, with a vision to export premium wines. It was soon realised, however, that it would be more beneficial for everyone if the company could promote and sell these wines locally within Victoria before looking overseas, especially the high-end wines from Western Australia.

While pruning during the winter of 2014, it was suggested by a friend who owns a Bendigo vineyard that BDR Vintage should start making wine. They then offered to sell their fruit at the 2015 harvest, and the new Yujo label was born.

Over time, BDR Vintage has become firm friends with some very special people within the wine industry. The company is both friend and supporter of the ten vineyards it represents, which means it is certain the wines it carries are premium and unique blends that are hard to find, but very easy to enjoy.